N.S Associates


Cost Effective Suppliers

N.S Associates facilitates cost effective supplies in today’s demanding business environment of Pakistan without compromising on lead times. At N.S Associates we show support, dedication and commitment as a general order supplies for ensuring optimal quality services for our esteemed customers.

N.S Associates is a company act as exclusive territory agent to a number of world-class industrial manufacturing brands for the Pakistan market, and are focused on delivering high quality brands alongside international standards of after-sales service. We currently have a number of supply contracts across Pakistan notably with different projects of Companies. We have developed our range of products to deliver branded Items and spares to cater for the ever-increasing demands of industry in the country together with a team of experienced Industry professionals and are seeking to further develop business in the Pakistan Market. We have attached our scope of supply and the companies who are currently supplying us, as well as a company profile.

N.S Associates is now a recognized brand within Pakistan, which stands for quality and reliability, and has led to us gaining a reputation for being one of the leading players in the sector. We have experienced tremendous growth by constantly exceeding our customer expectations on customer service and after-sales service.