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The competitive environment and trends continued along the lines reported to you. Fan International Trading Company moved forward on its program of all around development.
Despite severe competition in the market speed by all of our Groups’ concerns, Fan International Trading Company recorded major sales growth, as all of these are highlighted in company’s review.
Fan International Trading Company is a dynamic outfit, formed by business professionals in 2000 and started its business in Karachi.
We have already expanded our team and services to achieve new heights, standards and goals.
We work to satisfy our customers to their demands by putting our best strength and resources.
We endeavor to provide cost efficient procurement on a larger scale, straight from the source solutions and services in the most demanding environments where lead times and supply locations are challenging.

Enhancement of corporate strength:

  1. As an integrated trading and construction company, the fundamental objective of our activities is to obtain high returns by managing the various risks incurred in a broad array of business areas. It is not an exaggeration to say that risk management is at the core of our business.
  2. To manage risk levels for the Group as a whole, we have quantified risk to the extent possible in categories ranging from credit risk to market risk and business investment risk. We have also been introducing and utilizing risk management infrastructures, which include a credit rating system for counter parties, and criteria for decisions regarding business investment or withdrawal.
  3. At the same time, risks associated with a company’s businesses are becoming increasingly diverse. In particular, risks designated as non-measurable, including natural disasters and reputation risk, are difficult to predict or quantify, and may put the company in danger if they materialize. Preventive actions and contingency plans are therefore becoming more important than ever.
  4. Under the Step up Plan, we reviewed our counter-risk measures company-wide and restructured risk management frameworks in areas including legal compliance, information security, food safety, and environmental conservation.
  5. We also believe it is essential that all our employees engage in businesses with a higher level of awareness regarding risk and compliance issues, especially in the current business environment in which uncertainty prevails. In other words, our basic stance of being aggressive but cautious has become increasingly important.
  6. While each individual must constantly keep his or her consciousness attuned to risk and compliance issues when carrying out business activities, we as a company have also implemented measures in support of this. For example, we have set up risk case studies and built a database of risk-related information for use by our employees.
  7. Achieving full compliance is another area that top management is working hard to ensure meaningful and complete action. In addition, awareness among employees is steadily growing owing to the constant stream of activities promoted by the Legal Compliance Committee.
    We are committed to constantly improving risk management and compliance, as there is no end to the progress that can be made in these areas.

Promoting further efficiency:

  1. Increasing efficiency is not limited to eliminating waste and cutting costs. It also intends to maximize the use of personnel, time and other resources that are freed to this end, and strengthen earning power.
  2. Under the Step Up Plan, we raised efficiency and productivity by thoroughly reviewing business processes, an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system. We also streamlined the Corporate Group in terms of size and cost, by reviewing its business processes, transferring personnel to Business Units and outsourcing routine tasks.

Basic Policies:

  1. Expansion of the earnings base and strategic moves to the future by maximizing our integrated strength.
  2. Utilizing management resources to the fullest extent by advancing the business

Portfolio strategy:

  1. Well define strategies and objectives of each business line
  2. Shifting management resources (human resources and risk adjusted assets) to more profitable or more potential business lines.
    Exploring and developing various business by maximizing our “integrated corporate strength”
  3. Adding diversified values by realizing strategic and organic integration of our “business foundation”
    and functional power”
  4. Promote strategic alliance
  5. Multiple business partners
  6. Promoting logistics related business

Tacking new technology, potential market and region:

  1. Exploring and fastening businesses with new technology i.e.; biotechnology, nanotechnology, clean energy, network related information technology.
  2. Developing Global business with china.
    Human resources management for strengthening or “business foundation”
  3. Developing and maintaining professional human resources in each Area to realize

Business plan

  1. Diversified hiring process, strategic alliance, etc.
  2. Strategic allocation of human resources and “ right person in a right place” policy in the group (job bid system, etc)
  3. Enriching human resource training program (Exchange of personal with outside organization, short term executive courses, etc.)
    Enhancing our corporate strength with efficiency and soundness.

Efficient group operation on global bases:

  1. Upgrading and full use of infrastructures for group management (group finance, etc.)
  2. Enhancing function with hire productivity in the corporate group.
    Cutting cost by streaming operation (promoting shared – service and back- office, etc.)
    Corporate Governance:
    Recent outbreaks of corporate scandals have undermined trust in the economic system, and corporate governance is under a spotlight as a universal issue.
    After Incorporation, we released the Company Corporate Governance Principles with a view to enhancing efficiency, maintaining soundness, and improving transparency of our management. What are notable in the principles are the following five elements: increasing the number of outside auditors; reducing the number of board members;
    appointing advisors from outside the Company; adopting an executive officer system; and setting a limit to the terms of office of the CEO and Board of Governers. Studying several approaches and looking at current movement in the industry, we have reached the above principles with approval of the Board. At the same time, we reaffirmed that the essence of corporate governance is not the system pluse. Rather, it is our basic and unchangeable philosophy that upper management should conduct business with a sense of nobles obliges and a passion for the mission in accordance with company Business Spirit and Management Principles.
    Prosperity and Dreams:
    Our business environment is going through manifold changes, including value systems further diversifying, technological innovations continuously advancing, various geopolitical issues arising, trend towards global environment conservation growing, and more. These changes taking place across the globe are likely to grow in both speed and magnitude. However, Company is well prepared to cope with such circumstances.
    We will continue to grow to become a leading global company that realizes our Corporate Mission Statement, “to achieve prosperity and realize dreams,” as well as provides diverse values to our members. To achieve these goals, we are steadily and continuously making progress with our reforms to consolidate our earnings base and reinforce our financial soundness. As a further step, we are tackling the ambitious targets set our in the AA Plan, building on our achievement in reforms to date.

Company and its employees are involved in a wide variety of social Contribution activities.
Our fundamental contribution to society is through business, but we also prioritize active involvement in communities and society as well. As we state in our Activity Guidelines, we are committed to “Contribute to society as a good corporate citizen.”
With companies now being measured not only by their monetary worth, but also by their efforts to contribute positively to society and the preservation of the environment, Company intends to further promote cooperation with NPOs and other social contribution activities, and also enhance its structure for the promotion and support of volunteer activities by employees.
These activities tie into goals outlined in our Management Principles to “respect for people.” Our activities for each year are deliberated by the cross divisional committee for promoting social contributions.

We drew up the SC Values in order to ensure that all executives and employees share the values contained in the Corporate Mission Statement, express these principles in nine concrete items.

1. Integrity and Sound Management:
To comply with laws and regulations, while maintaining the highest ethical Standards.
2. Integrated Corporate Strength:
To create no boundaries within the organization; always to act with a company-wide perspective.
3. Professionalism:
To achieve and maintain high levels of expertise and skills.
4. Vision:
To create a clear vision of the future, and to communicate to share it within the organization.
5. Change and Innovation: 
To accept and integrate diversity in values and behavior, and to embrace change as an opportunity for action.
6. Enthusiasm:
To act with enthusiasm and confidence, and to motivate to others through such action.
7. Speed:
To make quick decisions and act promptly.
8. Human Development:
To fully support the development of others’ potential.
9. Commitment:
To act responsibly and with initiative to achieve organizational objectives. Fan International Trading Company is lively in delivering best services and support in following

General Order Supplies:

Our aim is to provide cost efficient procurement on a larger scale, straight from the source & offer supply solutions in the most demanding environments where lead times and supply locations are challenging.

Working as a General Order Supplier, we have commitment, dedication and support of different business professionals and organizations of different fields to ensure best quality services and perfect goods required by our customers.
Some of the main focused areas are;

  • Service & Support
  • Marketing Consultants
  • Rice Traders
  • Event Management
  • Security Solutions
  • General Order Suppliers
  • Construction Machinery
  • Construction Material
  • Sand, Bricks, Cement, Iron, CGI
  • Heavy Machinery
  • Heating & Cooling System
  • Batteries & UPS Exide, Volta, Osaka, AGS NI-CD, NI-MH, Li-Ion Batteries
  • All type of UPS
  • Chargers, Two Way Radios
  • Computer Software & Hardware
  • Laptop, Desktop, Networking,
  • Software Engineering, Website
  • Security Equipments.
  • Walk, Through Gates, HESCO
  • Hand Held Detecting System
  • Agricultural Seeds & Pesticides