Fan International Trading Company

Fan International Trading Company is a registered in year 2010 in business for Contractors, General order suppliers. Our customers always rely on our competent staff, to maintain a high level of confidentiality and trustworthiness at all times. Maintaining high quality services and customer satisfaction are our main goals. We provide multiple services under one contract, making it easy for you to outsource these functions without administrative headaches. We provide any or all services on a local, regional or national basis.

Fan International Trading offers a range  of  general  order  supply  services  and commodities on a large scale in Pakistan. Fan International Trading facilitates cost effective supplies in today’s demanding business environment without compromising on lead times.

Why us?

We impress upon all our staff the importance of honesty, diligence, loyalty, respect and our responsibility towards the client in performing our services to the highest level. Our competitors might provide a cheaper, short term solution, but in the end this will cost the client more..

Our Values

When you look at the list of services that Fan International Trading performs, think about the fact that, we stand for trade competence and trade commitment. Building long-term customer relationships founded on high quality performance is the cornerstone of our business..

Quality Management

Together with you, we develop standards of performance by which the quality of our services can be measured. Our quality program delivers: A clear focus on providing what we promise Well-defined policies and procedures centered around our clients’ business..

General Order Supplier

We endeavor to offer products that are high in quality and reliability. Our Suppliers enable us to deliver volume orders on time, while stringent management principles maintain our product standards at world-class levels. With importing capabilities, sourcing experts and efficient distribution system, we procure the highest quality products with total focus on quality. We offer highest quality products that are duly tested and verified.